You ever look around and decide the only place to go is... UP. Well that's our story. Talking about humble beginnings. We started with inventory that had been given to us by friends and family. But this store was bigger than thrift. And here we are a full online retail store for your latest accessories, jewelry and cute... junk. 

If you love adding earrings, handbags, rings, wigs and... JUNK to your look. You've come to the right place! 

Our store is stocked with pride. We love fashion but more importantly we love finding unique and awesome pieces for you.

Are we missing something that you'd love to see? Let us know at feedback@upjunkfashion.com

But wait... Let's talk. 

What's Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion Jewelry... costume Jewelry... or Junk Jewelry... are all fancy ways of saying Fake Jewelry. It's fun pieces meant for statements and changeability. Giving elegance or spunk for or whatever your outfit calls for. This jewelry is made of pure silver, gold or other precious metals. These pieces are usually made with a mix of lesser metals and have a price that reflects this. Mixed metals can be on non-jewelry items. 


The pieces sold here are nickel and lead compliant. Meaning they meet the requirements of adult fashion jewelry. The days of deregulated dangerous metals used in such jewelry are gone. We work with suppliers who assure that what you order is compliant. Our jewelry is not for children nor should it be handled by children, especially ingested. 

Further questions feel free to contact us.